Through our studio approach we pinpoint authentic, foundation-building strategies and execute brand marketing plans that deliver results.


    The importance of a good start, it’s where big races are won and lost. And the same is true in business. Studio Pinpoint's Brandfolio brand platform will start you cleanly out of the blocks by defining who you are and what you are about. This puts your team members on the same page and provides a common jumping off point so there is stability within your company.


    Brandfolio is a proprietary term coined by Studio Pinpoint to name the document that outlines the qualities of a brand.  Take a look here to learn more about what it is, why you should have one and when to develop it. 


    What we do.

    Brand Strategy

    Why is Brand Strategy essential for your business?



    A fully articulated brand is built from the inside out. When who you are on the inside matches how you present yourself to the outside world you get an inside outside match, that’s brand integrity.



    When you have integrity people have confidence in you and when that happens they trust you, and trust breeds success. 


    We know who you are…and we can help you tell the world.


    Focus & Clarity

    Our Focus & Clarity™ Sessions score a 9/10 or 10/10 every time.



    Business leaders bring Studio Pinpoint in to facilitate breakthroughs when they are looking for someone with a fresh perspective to guide their team into clarity and action.



    What makes Studio Pinpoint Focus & Clarity sessions so unique?

    • pre-session interviews – we take the time to interview each participant BEFORE the event

    • customized agenda – the interviews inform the development of a custom agenda for your issue – we don’t recycle old processes for your needs

    • standing in a place of “yes” – we facilitate through acceptance and possibility not industry standards or comfortable ruts

    Thought Leadership

    There are organizations that deserve to be seen as leaders.

    We help you get there.


    Thought leadership services work with your organization to develop workshops, think tanks, surveys that tie top professionals and industry leaders together under your brand name.  Providing an opportunity for those in-the-know to give back and your organization a boost in expertise and knowledge.  Talk to us about how this highly under-utilized marketing tool can launch your organization to the top.  Pictured at left, our Retail Trends Roundtable hosted at Harrington College of Design in Chicago with Crate & Barrel and Walgreens.



    Do you sometimes feel left behind by the latest trend?

    We can deliver you from chaos into clarity, painlessly.


    Do you sometimes feel left behind by the latest marketing frenzy? Do you feel like you need to do it all but can't figure out how? Are you perplexed by how “they” do it?



    This is when you get us involved. From developing webinars on social media to training online in entrepreneurship or research strategies to in-person training at business schools and colleges on personal branding, to training interal teams on brand – we do it all really well.


    Consistently highly rated for our content and pace, if you need training we can deliver it.

    “I really enjoyed that seminar, perfect number of people, everyone was engaged, and I didn’t come out of there feeling overwhelmed with information but informed enough to carry on with it. It was inspiring, actually.” – Robert Sangster


    Are you an ideal client for Studio Pinpoint?

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    Non-Profit Tech Start-up Incubator


    Part of the Province of Ontario's ONE network, ventureLAB came together to serve the needs of entrepreneurs in York Region.  The organization turned to Studio Pinpoint to help articulate it's unique positioning among a network of over a dozen other innovation centres and to define it's true brand to align the team behind one cohesive vision and way of doing business.  ventureLAB has proven to be one of the fastest growing regional innovation centres in Toronto. 


    Martina Riley


    Women's Fashion and Accessories Start-up


    Entering a highly competitive and saturated market in women's shoes, the first goal was to define a truly differentiated brand.  A deeper understanding of the founders' vision combined with a critical view of top competitors Tory Burch, Stuart Wietzman and Ron White revealed this brand's truth.  Honouring the needs of customers by creating designs that are in harmony with life.


    Read Martina Riley's complete Brandfolio here.

    HUSH Inc.


    Luxury Home Developer


    Keen on disrupting the marketplace with a new buyer experience and business model, the first step the founder of HUSH took was to articulate the HUSH brand.  Studio Pinpoint brought the vision together in one cohesive brand document we call Brandfolio and continued working with the organization, training all new staff and teams on the brand, and overseeing all marketing operations until the right mix of staff were in place.  This video is the culmination of the brand work.


    In collaboration with 52 Pick-up Inc. who designed all the brand's creative elements.

    Joel Berman Glass Studios

    Services: FOCUS & CLARITY

    Leading designer and manufacturer of architectural glass art.


    Founder and president Joel Berman wanted to review the organization’s core brand elements and messaging in order to tell the story of the brand after a period of change. He didn’t want to undertake a weeks-long brand strategy exercise and he wanted to involve key members of his team from the head of design to key outside consultants.


    Studio Pinpoint developed a two-day brand strategy intensive where the team developed the organization’s unique body/mind/spirit brand messaging model. Joel said of the work: The results achieved during our session far exceeded our expectations. We started the journey full of questions about own our identity, and we emerged with a clear, strong view of who we are and what our story is.

    Harrington College of Design


    Bringing students, faculty and industry together.


    In collaboration with Harrington Adjunct Professor Tom Marquardt and his firm marquardt+ we organized and led a Thought Leadership Roundtable with leading retail developer Jones Lang Lasalle, and leading retailers Crate & Barrel and Walgreens.  We talked about the future of design in retail in the US with the goal to influence the development of relevant curriculum for Harrington College of Design.  See our blog posting here.



    Services: TRAINING

    Management consultants helping organizations manage the career expectations of their employees.


    To support the needs of individuals in career transition, Knightsbridge maintains a rigorous schedule of webinar trainings for clients to  access each day of the month.  Studio Pinpoint was instrumental in the development of both Social Media webinars, one focused on job search, the second focused on brand and business.  In addition, we are highly rated trainers in Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Linked In, and Research Strategies.




    Why it's good for your organization:

    With Studio Pinpoint's proprietary product  Brandfolio™ you lead the field with your eye on a clear goal, you know what’s needed to reach it and move with fluidity and a strong sense of teamwork. Measure decisions against what does and does not fit with your brand. Use the Brandfolio™ as a guideline to hire, promote internally, develop selling strategies, deliver effective marketing campaigns, and maintain a vibrant vision that strategically moves you forward.


    Take a look at these sample Brandfolios for a design firm and a land developer. Read about what it is, why you need one and when to develop it and talk to us about your Brandfolio.

    Demystifying Brand

    to help you get more clients.

    If you want to magnetically attract clients that are going to provide you with the greatest rewards and profitability you need to know your brand.


    A brand is how you present yourself to the outside world. It’s that vital match between the outer expression of your business – logo, language, look – and the inner reality and culture of your organization.


    If you are more DIY versus consultant-dependent, then this DIY Brand Development Guide is the perfect fit. Our DIY Brand Guide is also available with coaching packages to help you through the process. Let's talk about what you need.

    Concrete Networking

    is our response to social networking.

    Social networking is WHAT we are. It’s what we say about ourselves. It’s a one-way conversation with the world through our tweets, updates and posts.

    Concrete Networking is socializing, it is WHO we are, revealing who we are on the inside.


    That happens better when you shake a hand and communicate face-to-face. If you think big, extend beyond, and are open to giving and receiving, then you are the perfect Concrete Networking host. Email us to find out more.

    Books for sentiments

    Books for memories.

    It started off as an internal project. A staffer's Dad was celebrating 50 years in Canada. He was the first in the family to immigrate to the country so we asked all the family members who followed to tell us why they love living in Canada.  The little book of quotes got a gold cover with a red maple leaf and is a treasured gift.  Since then we've done reunion books, anniversary books,  wedding books, farewell books and memorials.  It's become a bit of a niche. Each one is highly customized and put together with loving care. Romana oversees each one personally. A gift for someone who has everything, a gift that keeps giving. Email Romana to talk about what's coming up in your life.


    this is who we are

    A creative collaborative space

    where we design enduring strategies.

    The most important thing we do for clients is establish consistency…which builds trust…which breeds success.


    Founded in 2007, Studio Pinpoint has been trusted by myriad organizations from not-for-profits and start-ups to established for-profit businesses to put their team members on the same page and provide a common jumping off point so there is stability within the company, in how they deliver product/services, and in how they communicate to the outside world.


    our brand essence

    the underlying truth

    We honour self and honour others.


    Brand essence refers to the core values and beliefs that motivate and inspire members of a business. It’s an inherent quality, like DNA, that begins with top leadership and resonates throughout the organization so it exists both individually and corporately. Like a fine wine has subtle qualities in taste, brand essence is the flavour of your organization.


    our brand positioning

    the key message

    Through our studio approach we pinpoint authentic, foundation-building strategies.


    This statement must clearly differentiate you from the competition by expressing your points of differentiation. It reaches beyond the standard marketing speak of quality, innovation, service, which actually are the points of entry for any business.


    our brand promise

    the tie that binds

    We promise to design enduring strategies.


    The key ingredient to forming a lasting relationship—any relationship—is commitment. That’s what the brand promise establishes with all your stakeholders. It’s related to your core values and how you want your business to be experienced. It sets expectations, both internally and externally, and ties a knot that holds everyone together.


    our brand personality

    inspire a way of living for your team

    Insightful  -  Intentional  -  Intuitive


    Your organization is made up of individuals with distinct personalities. Collectively, they also form a personality on an organizational level. Brand personality is this sum of individual qualities that create a distinct impression of the brand, both through its communications and in the actual experience of interacting with the brand. It’s validated by the company’s culture and values, the intrinsic quality of service, and the customer’s perceptions.




    We love hearing from you because that’s the start of a process

    that enlightens us every time, and that feels great.